Topper Instructions

A few helpful tips:

The anchor strap does not need to go over the frame, just the fabric. To install remove the Velcro on the side on the bag with the d rings from the top of the frame. Turn the lid inside out (a little trick to make it easier), put the top Velcro tab through the anchor loop on the lid so the anchor loop rests between the male and female velcro tabs. Reattached Velcro to the frame. Please email if you have any questions or problems.


Above the hands holds on your grocer, locate the black fastening strip securing the bag to the frame.

Topper: Step 01

Position the anchor band between the black fastening strips and frame.

Topper: Step 04

Peel back the black fastening strip to expose the frame.

Topper: Step 02

Fold the fastening strips over the frame and anchor band to secure band inside the flap with the frame.

Topper: Step 05

Find the anchor band inside your topper.

Topper: Step 03

Stretch lid over frame and cinch barrel lock to tighten as desired.

Topper: Step 06