One of the oldest surviving traditions inside the Adirondack Park in upstate New York, these baskets were used to carry the heavy loads needed for hunting, fishing, trapping, and other pursuits in the mountain wilderness. Most early Adirondack pack baskets were made using hand pounded black ash wood splints split to satin, with a flat or slightly curved back and a "belly" that bowed out somewhat to increase the volume of the contents the pack could hold. The structure and flat bottom of the pack were ingenious and resourceful, as the design allowed for increased stability of the pack basket, independent of the load. Since the 1800s, the packs have evolved in terms of their recreational use and continue to be an important part of the Adirondacks history. Today, our innovative new design of the Adirondack pack basket includes an internal frame making it is easy to ship, transport, and store your items and can be used for a variety of occasions, including taking gear to the beach, packing a picnic, working in the garden, going on a hike, carrying everyday gear to school or the office, and transporting groceries.


ADK Packworks™ has created a semi-rigid, lightweight, internal frame that folds easy for storage and stays upright, independent of load. The Packbasket can be carried as a two-handled tote, by a single strap over-the-shoulder or by its integrate frame handles.   Accessories such as a removable cooler liner, backpack system, bike pannier system and bottle holder can be purchased separately for greater flexibility to fit every lifestyle.

Historic photographs courtesy of
The Adirondack Museum