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Can I change or cancel an order?
We're sorry, but we are unable to make changes to an order or to cancel an order once it has been placed.

How can I track my order?
We will send you a shipping confirmation as soon as your order is shipped. There will be a tracking number in the confirmation. Note that UPS or FedEx for USA ground shipments is trackable to the destination, but USPS for all other locations may not be trackable beyond the USA border.

PO Boxes?
Nope - sorry - USA ground shipments are via UPS or FedEx, and they can't deliver to a PO Box.

I'm getting errors when trying to enter my credit card. I think the card is good. What do I do now?
Credit card errors are usually from some kind of info entered wrong. Or at least our credit card processing company thinks it's wrong. Please check your numbers, your zip code, and your address. Even the misspelling of your name can mess things up sometimes. Have you moved recently? Maybe the card is linked with your old address? Please check all the details and try again, or try another card. Contact us if it still doesn't work.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Pay Pal.

Is my credit card information secure?
All payment information is encrypted and collected via our secure server.

Can I fax my order?
Nope, sorry - we’re new school, no faxes here!

Do you take phone orders?
Yes, we do accept phone orders.

May I pay by check or money order?
No, we do not accept check or money order.

How will I know that you have received my order?
You will receive a confirmation email after your order is processed.

Shipping - USA

A tracking number for USA shipments will be emailed to you once we have shipped your order, but USPS for all other locations may not be trackable beyond the USA border.

We often ship items separately, so if only part of your order arrives, please check the tracking numbers to see when the other items will arrive.

Shipping – International

For international shipments contact us.

Privacy and Your Account

Don’t worry - we hate spam too and promise that we’ll never send you any garbage emails. If your inbox is already overflowing, just drop us a note anytime and let us know that you don’t want any emails from us.

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