Bicycle Pannier System Instructions

Ensure your kit includes the following:

You will need:

Installing The Friction Pad

  1. At the lower back of the ADK Packbasket there are two plastic D-rings. Locate these and turn them both 90°.
  2. Pull the D-rings through the slits in the bottom of the Friction Pad, with the smaller portion of the Friction Pad facing downward. Rotate the D-rings back to their original position, securely locking the Friction Pad in place.

Installing The Bike Rack Adapter Bar

  1. Hold the Bike Rack Adapter Bar against the bike rack firmly in one hand. You may use a small amount of electrical tape to hold the Bike Rack Adapter Bar to the Bike Rack if you choose so that both of your hands are free for the rest of the installation process and to prevent possible scratching under the Bar Clamps.
  2. Wrap the first Bar Clamp around the upper half of both the Bike Rack Adapter Bar and the bike rack and lightly tighten the screw on Stainless Steel Clamp using the flat head screwdriver.
  3. Take the second Bar Clamp and wrap it around the lower half of the bike rack and Bike Rack Adapter Bar and lightly tighten.
  4. Hang your Bag on the still loose Bike Rack Adapter Bar by sliding the Adapter Bar hooks though the open corners of the exposed Packbasket frame. The Friction pad should be against your bicycle protecting your bag. With the bag hanging, rotate your pedals checking for heal clearance. If needed slide the Bike Rack Adapter Bar forward or backward to allow for acceptable clearance.
  5. Tighten the Bar Clamps. Bar Clamp should be snug, do not over tighten. Over tightening may strip the clamp. It is ok for the Adapter Bar to rotate up and down but it will not slide forward and backward.