Packbasket - Backpack and Rugged Tote

What is a Packbasket? ADK Packworks has taken a historical design of the combined 2 handled bag or basket, that has been used across the ages, and combined it with a backpack capability and rugged tote durability. Not only does the Packbasket work like a normal, yet reusable, bag with handles, it also has the versatility to cross over as a day pack for backpacking.

Our customers have expanded the way our Packbasket is used, with innovative ideas that drive our development. We watch and listen and work hard to develop not just what we think will serve your packing needs, but more so, we are committed to designs that expand usage from the many ways we see it being used. The ADK Packbasket is the top reusable rugged tote and backpack you will find on the market today and we are very proud of that fact.