Bicycle Pannier System

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With our amazing Bicycle Pannier System you can take a load off and put it on your bike!  Easily hang your ADK Packbasket or Grocer on your existing bike rack with our Pannier Bar System.  Comes with everything you need to hang 1 Packbasket: a pannier extension bar, 4 extra heavy duty zip ties and a friction pad that locks over the D-rings on your bag to protect your Packbasket while it rests against the rear hub of your bicycle.  (Requires a flat head screw driver for installation, Packbasket not included.)

Our Bicycle Pannier System fits most racks, email us at here if you have questions about your compatibility.  Please include the brand and model.
   -Black vinyl coated steel extension bar
   -4 extra heavy duty, 120lbs, UV stabilized zip ties
   -Black HDPE friction pad
Special Note:

The Pannier System will work with all ADK Packbaskets and Grocers that have D-Rings on the bottom of the back panel.  First generation Grocer models with webbing loops instead of D-rings on the bottom of the back panel are not compatible.  ADK Packbasket and Grocer are not included.  Email with any questions.


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